Specialists in recruitment in the financial services arena


Claire Bourquin Recruitment Consultants “CBRC” is a well-established, highly successful consultancy, specialising in recruitment in the financial services field, in South Africa.

Owner’s profile

Claire Bourquin has a background training in the investment industry. She is deeply committed to the company, and the country. Claire is constantly upskilling and making changes according to the dictates and demands of the industry. Her approach is a hands on one. She believes in interviewing each and every employer and employee to ensure the best possible fit.


Claire does not believe in underdelivering or over-promising. Instead, her approach is to first screen both the employer and employee. She will only negotiate with employers and employees once she is confident she can assist them. However, Claire will not hesitate to refer out to other more appropriate channels if she is unable to assist.


The service that CBRC provides to both the employer and employee is based on a foundation of three essential and vital factors:

  • An in-depth understanding of the financial services industry;
  • Comprehensive training in the investment industry in particular;
  • 20 plus years of specialist investment recruitment experience.

 Our style

CBRC is all about fostering healthy, working relationships between employer and employee. CBRC can do this face-to-face as well as online.

Early on in the business we understood and recognised that we actually work with two candidates: the employer and employee. Both are integral to the success of the other. Success is dependent on the fit of this interdependent relationship.

Employee endorsement

 “Claire was focused on trying to understand who I am as a person – my aspirations and career goals and opportunities that were tailor made for me.”

Mary Anne Musekiwa – employee placed by CBRC

Musekiwa explained that what she likes about Claire is that she is a really positive, motivated, very professional human being with a deep level of understanding of the market. Musekiwa explains that Claire “didn’t try to shove jobs down my throat and she’s not just in it to get her commission”. She understood that Claire wanted to be part of her career for the long haul. She is “not just your buddy and cheer leader” but she operates holistically. Claire also “makes you think about areas you need to grow and develop”.

In addition, Musekiwa’s company is in a  “ highly specialised, rare skill industry”. The company continues to use Claire for her professionalism and the calibre of people she has brought to them. Musekiwa says that Claire has “great contacts in market” and ”she can read the culture of organisations and match up the individuals to fit within those cultures”.

Where we are situated

While CBRC is primarily accessible online, our offices are situated in vibey, central Cape Town in keeping with our upbeat, forward thinking, proudly South African profile.

 What makes us different?

A thorough grasp of the industry, training and proactivity has given Claire the ability to recognise the importance of both the employer and employee, consequently ensuring the satisfaction of both parties. The company honours a high level of discretion when engaging with both employers and employees.

CBRC also provides services to clients outside of the recruitment space in terms of updated information on market trends. And our interaction with our competitors ensures information is relevant, current and accurate.


Since its inception, CBRC has been a profitable company. It operates in a highly competitive environment with repeat business drawn from both clients and candidates, nationally.

Community outreach

CBRC is not only about business, we also have a big heart. We are a proudly South African business and instinctively understand  the importance of making a difference. We support various outreach programmes.

You will find current information about the organisations we support here.