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Global FS company. The company began as a small start-up based in South Africa offering domestic investment strategies. They offer distinctive investment strategies spanning equities, fixed income, multi-asset, alternatives and sustainability to help institutional investors, those advising others and individuals navigate an ever-changing world. All the employees have the opportunity to own part of the firm. They also have their founding leadership in place. The distinctive owner culture allows them to commit to building a long-term, inter-generational business. It supports a business fully aligned with their clients’ long-term investment objectives.

They now seek a fixed income software engineer to join their team. You are a highly-skilled and dynamic software engineer to join the fixed income investment analytics team. the team sits within the fixed income investment team and is responsible for developing scalable and robust investment analytics and portfolio metrics that assist with the active investment management process. The fixed income investment team has been a leader in the industry for more than a decade in applying data and statistical models to significantly assist their fundamental investment process. The team embeds quantitative models directly into its decision-making process, as well as using a market-leading range of additional models and data to augment its traditional, analyst led research process.


  • You will be required to engage directly with portfolio decision-makers on a regular basis and use your software development skills to make product enhancements which will have a significant impact on the investment decisions made by the team;
  • You will be responsible for analytics platform enhancements;
  • You will be required to play an active role in the development and enhancement of the analytics platform used in the investment research and portfolio construction process;
  • You will be responsible for enhancements which will include the implementation of tooling and services to increase end-user’s productivity to research machine learning models and create web-based decision support tools;
  • You will be responsible for all aspects of the stack from data persistence to front-end web development, using an array of technologies (MongoDB, Redis, Apache Spark, Apache Airflow, Jenkins, Python, R and React.js);
  • You will be responsible for software product development;
  • You will be required to engage with stakeholders to understand their needs and communicate how technology could be used to address them;
  • You will be required to work with team to formulate user stories and steps for each development sprint;
  • You will be required to work in a proof-of-concept style to engage stakeholders and adopt a fail-fast approach to enable higher quality deliverables;
  • Risk and compliance responsibilities:
    • You will be responsible for adhering to the code of ethics and related policies, including personal account dealing, gifts, market abuse, etc. ;
    • You will be responsible for ensuring compliance training, declarations and relevant forms are completed on a timely basis;
    • You will be responsible for ensuring that firm and client data and property, including IT data, are properly protected;
    • You will be responsible for reporting any possible and actual breaches, errors, complaints or conduct issues;
    • You will be responsible for reporting any suspicion that a client, investor, or employee may be involved in money laundering, fraud or other crime such as market abuse.


  • You are smart, hardworking, with a practical “can do” attitude. There will be a strong focus on being an innovator both within the team and driving the standards of software development within the broader business;
  • You are comfortable working within a multi-disciplinary investment team and collaborating with other software developers across the firm; You have the ability to communicate and integrate within the wider fixed income investment team- this is also important.
  • You are thoughtful, dynamic technologist who loves developing tools and infrastructure that helps others do their jobs more effectively and efficiently;
  • You are passionate about correctness, stability and writing the next best thing, so you aren’t spending time maintaining older projects;
  • You are comfortable working on a variety of systems and programming languages and acquiring new skills as technology evolves;
  • You have excellent communication (verbal and written) skills in English and interpersonal skills;
  • You have a strong collaborative work ethic, with ability to work in teams from cross-functional disciplines;
  • You are proactive and able to perform independently on your own initiative with a high degree of responsibility;
  • You have a keen eye for detail and high level of accuracy, while having an appreciation for the 80:20 rule of getting things done.


  • You have a B Sc hnrs degree in a relevant field such as computer science, engineering or information technology;
  • You have a minimum of 5 years current, relevant experience working as a software developer in a professional capacity including experience with:
    • Service based architectures;
    • Different backend architectures;
    • Different programing paradigms;
  • You are a full stack developer with experience across different industries although previous front office software development experience – this would be a distinct advantage;
  • You have a broad range of skills using open source technologies such as .Net core, JVM family of languages, Python, React.js, Linux, Docker, Apache Spark, Apache Airflow, R (The candidate’s skillset should reflect a subset of these, with an emphasis on the ability to learn and desire to continuously improve such skills not only within the work environment);
  • You have knowledge of the asset management investment processes – this is not a strict requirement but would be a distinct advantage including:
    • Portfolio construction and management;
    • Risk and performance;
  • Portfolio back testing and signal extraction techniques.

Global business – smart people; great team dynamic; big picture thinking and successful++ = rewards on performance are good and include a significant ‘brand name’ on your already impressive CV!