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Our client serves the public interest through regulating and supporting a specific profession. This is done through the provision of a world class education to  these students, setting and maintaining professional practice standards , advancing skills and knowledge in both current and wider fields, being an objective voice engaging decision makers on the public good in areas of policy making where these professionals can contribute and creating opportunities for these professionals to work locally and abroad. They are committed to delivering high-quality, professional and efficient administration and support services to its network of members and volunteer members.

They now seek a finance manager to join their team. You will report to the operations and finance executive.



  • You will be responsible for the financial and management accounting practices and processes in support of the financial soundness and financial decision making for this body;
  • You will be responsible for the management and development of your team;
  • Reporting:
    • You will be required to manage and maintain the financial accounting systems and data structures of the society and ensure the production of accurate monthly management accounts and relevant other financial reports to stakeholders;
    • You will be responsible for the preparation of the annual statutory accounts for consideration by council and the members of the society;
  • Management information:
    • You will be required to prepare annual budgets and forecasts aligned to strategic plans and in accordance with guidelines provided by council and the relevant governing structures;
    • You will be required to undertake such financial analysis and reporting as requested by council or any of the governance boards or committees to evaluate the feasibility of existing and proposed initiatives;
  • Working capital and assets:
    • You will be required to manage working capital to take advantage of the cyclical nature of operations and actively manage cash held through rolling cash flow forecasts to continuously improve investment yields;
    • You will be required to oversee the effective management of fixed assets and depreciation records in line with the accounting policies;
    • You will be responsible for ongoing review of the investment portfolio in line with the investment mandate and risk appetite of the society;
  • Financial systems and integration:
    • You will be required to ensure financial and non-financial reporting systems are maintained to the standards required by the society and its governing bodies, external auditors and other statutory bodies;
    • You will be required to specify the business requirement to improve the integration between the financial and non-financial systems and take responsibility for the adoption and implementation of such change requests;
  • Statutory requirements:
    • You will be required to manage the societies tax liabilities and obligations under existing and proposed legislation;
    • You will be required to evaluate the tax implications of contemplated courses of action and deal with tax authorities;
    • You will be required to actively liaise, plan and oversee the annual statutory audit within the approved budget educating staff on their assurance responsibilities and limiting audit inefficiencies;
  •  Risk Management:
    • You will be required to continuously question and improve the internal control environment through ongoing risk and control self-assessments;
    • You will be required to evaluate and improve both the financial and general controls environment;
  • Leadership and management:
    • You will be responsible for the development and training of your team to realise their potential;
    • You will be required to manage your team’s performance and day-to-day resourcing through operational cycles;
    • You will be responsible for providing mentorship and subject matter expertise to your  team and the broader team to improve financial literacy in the way of work;
    • You will be required to manage payroll, payroll related and staffing requests;
  • You will be responsible for any other duties that may be assigned to you in line with your role, responsibilities, skills, experience and potential capabilities.

The manager would like to see the following completed:

  1. “Assess the suitability of the accounting software we are using considering the business needs now and in the future and to implement the necessary changes with a key focus on process improvement and integration to our operating systems to guide development within a well-controlled environment.
  2. Pricing and price differentiation of services and products as we transition online within the strategic framework where as a non-profit organisation we do not have a profit motive but need to remain relevant and competitively priced in what we do offering our members value – this will make for an interesting budgeting cycle where our year-end is December.
  3. Provide guidance and support in unbundling education from the membership legal entity as we register as a high education institution with the design and implementation of financial reengineering that would go with this to effectively price for services between these entities also considering the associated risks.

These are quite ambitious goals that will require a dedicated focus and an in-depth understanding of the NPO’s internal ways of work. My preference is for someone with a good analytical ability but that also has a good grasp of systems and processes in addition to managing the end-to-end traditional financial environment. People development it a key part of the role to realise potential in the team and leverage institutional knowledge. There is a lot of scope for autonomy to manage this function. We are a small team of 22 people  with a very active volunteer community that supports operational delivery in their fields of expertise. This makes us a very non-traditional business with many interesting things on the go all the time with broad stakeholder engagement. We offer a flexible work environment and want our people to be the best they can be. “



  • You have a strong analytical and problem-solving skills able to translate information into insights;
  • You have strong leadership inspiring a team to greatness knowing when to delegate work;
  • You have excellent communication (verbal and written) skills in English and active listening skills with the ability to interact well with others;
  • You are resourceful in finding solutions and able to work independently and effectively under pressure;
  • You are flexible and adaptable to change with a keenness to continuously improve the status quo;
  • You are orientated for service excellence that treats all requests with equal diligence.


  • B.Com Hnrs qualified
  • You have a minimum of 5  years’ current, relevant experience in similar role in a finance environment in the services industry that must include supervisory responsibility;
  • You have a minimum of 2 years current, relevant audit experience ;
  • You have demonstrable experience of implementing system improvements;
  • You have a solid understanding of accounting software packages and standard core capabilities to leverage.