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R HIGHLY NEGOTIABLE PLUS ANNUAL PERFORMANCE BONUS- to attract and entice – this job spec is just the guide – the role is significant and will be varied and interesting and take your lead on areas of importance and focus!

Our client was established as a centre of excellence for the management of investment market and credit risk and to ensure appropriate investment performance from the asset managers managing shareholder and policyholder assets. The company is a progressive African wealth management group which, for more than fifty years, has delivered innovative, long-term solutions that assist customers to achieve financial stability in their chosen lifestyles and throughout their life cycles. As a group of companies, they offer an extensive, market-leading range of products and services to help customers build and protect long-term wealth. These include life and health-related insurance, investment management and retirement income facilitation. Customers have flexible choices and the input provided by the company’s advisers equips them with the knowledge and expert advice they need to make the right decisions with confidence, no matter what their stage of life.

They now seek a Specialist – Business Intelligence to join their team and report to a business division CE.

This role is suitable for appropriately qualified affirmative action candidates and ideally a suitable African black female.



  • You will be required to take end-to-end ownership of the business intelligence strategy of the company as well the effective implementation thereof in order to deliver expected value to clients and the business;
  • You will be required to drive the strategic direction of the business intelligence function for the company to ensure optimal use of analytics in strategic decision making including profit optimisation, business / platform migration, distribution strategy, product strategy and customer strategy development;
  • You will be required to effectively identify data needs to ensure information is used effectively and accurately in product development, determining customer strategy and optimising all related processes;
  • You will be required to ensure appropriate business analysis capabilities and skills to enable project delivery in order to support and deliver on future the company goals and strategies, including budgets, prioritization and governance (also see comments under 4 below);
  • You will be required to   develop and maintain effective and appropriate project resource skill in order to enhance timeous delivery of strategic projects within the business through the effective management of cost, risks and quality (- owning the full programme management function, including project management and underlying delivery through key supporting functions such as IT may also be part of your role). This spec as mentioned is a work in progress. The programme management function is key to delivering the business strategy and business optimisation);
  • You will be required to drive the ownership of all client and industry related data to ensure relevant information is accessible and accurate in order to make strategic decisions;
  • You will be required to act as company representative and liaison in respect of all client complaints and escalations, and ensure holistic implementation of rectifying actions in the business based on analytical review of complaints;
  • You will be required to develop the strategy and ensure implementation of the company’s responsibility to comply with all relevant regulatory requirements and minimise compliance risk;
  • You will be required to serve as the organisation’s authority and centre of excellence on regulatory programme management practices;
  • You will be required to develop and manage an appropriate Rem model design to deliver on the strategy and client promises;
  • You will be required to lead, develop, and manage the performance of a highly skilled and fully resourced team;
  • Customers / stakeholders:
    • You will be responsible for internal: Actuarial team & Finance team; Legal & Regulatory team; IT; Product; Distribution; Operations;
    • You will be responsible for external: regulators; potential external suppliers for certain projects;
  • Decisions:
    • You will be required to make decisions that the staff member can make independently and without supervision.
    • You will be required to list the decisions the individual makes, contributes to or recommends;
    • You will be responsible for statistical, data and actuarial analysis and its alignment with business strategy;
    • You will be responsible for operational structures and implementation of operating strategy;
    • You will be responsible for risk management;



  • You have excellent communication (verbal & written) skills in English;
  • You have advanced analytical thinking skills;
  • You have advanced client liaison skills;
  • You have advanced problem solving skills;
  • You have advance conflict resolution skills;
  • You have the ability to achieve personal work goals and setbacks;
  • You are able to adapt and respond to change;
  • You are able to adhere to principles and values;
  • You have analysing skills;
  • You are able to apply expertise and technology;
  • You are able to cope with pressure and setbacks            ;
  • You are creative and innovative;
  • You are able to decide and initiate action;
  • You are able to deliver results and meet customer expectations;
  • You have entrepreneurial and commercial thinking skills;
  • You are able to follow instructions and procedures;
  • You are able to formulate strategies and concepts;
  • You are able to lead and supervise;
  • You have smart learning and researching skills;
  • You are able to persuade and influence;
  • You exceptional have planning & organising skills;
  • You are able to present and communicate information, clearly and distinctly;
  • You are able to relate to most people and network effectively;
  • You are able to work with people across various parts of the business;
  • You have honed writing and reporting skills.



  • You are a financial engineer / CA(SA) with clients at audit in financial services – this would be a distinct advantage and or MBA;
  • You have a minimum of 10 years current, relevant financial services / insurance industry experience – this is essential;
  • You have a minimum of 4 – 6 years current, relevant senior management (financial services / insurance industry) experience – this is essential;
  • You have good employee benefits industry knowledge including regulations in the FS industry;
  • You have some modelling skills.

This is a big meaty important job. You are a smart, capable, technology savvy specialist. You also have relevant FS industry experience and understand the challenges in this area and have solutions for this. You will be rewarded very well for adding value in this important role.