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Our client is an investment management firm focussed on building long-term wealth for their clients.

The company’s primary goal is to achieve long term wealth creation for its clients. It is critically important to ensure that its client base is diverse and more fairly represents the demographics of its target market within South Africa over time. As such, the company has had a stated goal of growing its black middle class and affluent client base, through raising awareness and promoting financial education in communities which previously would not have heard of or had access to its offerings.

They now seek a risk analyst to join their team. You will report to the head of group risk.

This role is suitable for appropriately qualified, previously disadvantaged affirmative action candidates.

The client is keen on someone who has a broad risk framework and someone who has worked in the asset management industry. Risk and Audit experience would be preferable. If you have additional industry experience that would include IT etc. that would also be a positive. The institutional and retail investments industry experience is important.


  • You will be will be responsible for assisting the head of group risk in co-ordinating and executing a broad range of strategic and operational risk management activities;
  • You will be required to promote sound risk management and culture, supporting the group to achieve its strategic and operational objectives; This includes analysing emerging risk trends within the business through root cause analysis with a focus on strategies to mitigate these risks and exploit opportunities; assisting management with identifying, measuring, evaluating, monitoring and responding to risk issues and to provide an overall view on the residual risk status of the control environment;
  • You will be will be responsible for facilitating risk and control assessments at a business unit level and at a group-wide level by performing the following activities in the ERM lifecycle;
    • You will be will be responsible for scoping and planning: conducting a preliminary survey of the area and processes under review and obtaining detailed knowledge of the processes, in order to establish and agree on the scope of assessment with management;
    • You will be responsible for identification, measurement and management: facilitating the risk identification and measurement of risks that affect the firm at both strategic and operational levels. This would include interacting with management to identify practical solutions to mitigate key risks and address control and process weaknesses identified;
    • You will be responsible for design testing: testing the existence and design of the controls identified through observation, enquiry, inspection or re-performance;
    • You will be will be responsible for reporting: making pragmatic recommendations for control improvements on the systems and procedures being reviewed and reporting on these findings, open exposures and recommendations after discussing with management;
    • You will be responsible for monitoring and follow up: monitoring and evaluating management’s response and implementation of corrective actions taken to address control weaknesses identified;
  • You will be required to investigate risk incidents (which include root cause analysis, rectification assessment, propose and test the design adequacy of control improvements);
  • You will be required to perform risk assessments as part of various business projects and initiatives (which include new business processes, products and systems);
  • You will be responsible for assisting in the implementation of the firm’s holistic fraud prevention, detection and response strategy;
  • You will be responsible for regularly reporting on risk management strategy, action items and progress to management of business units, the audit committee and risk and compliance committee;
  • You will be responsible for assisting in the education of staff / promoting risk awareness throughout the group;
  • You will be responsible for working closely with the internal audit and compliance functions to provide a combined assurance assessment of the risk management within the firm.


  • You have excellent communication (verbal and written) skills in English;
  • You have excellent emotional intelligence;
  • You are passionate, proactive and driven;
  • You are able to maintain ethical judgement;
  • You are impartial and challenging (independent minded);
  • You have strong analytical, investigative and probing skills;
  • You have effective negotiation and influencing skills;
  • You have outstanding report-writing skills and presentation skills;
  • You have a keen eye for detail;
  • You are an ambitious and avid learner;
  • You have the ability to work efficiently without close supervision;
  • You are a team player;
  • You are adaptable and resilient;
  • You are self-motivated, organised and deadline driven.


  • You have a Bachelor’s degree (information systems, finance or risk);
  • You have a minimum of 3 years current, relevant financial services experience;
  • You have current, relevant experience in the investment management industry – this would be a distinct advantage;
  • You have any risk management, information technology (IT) risk management or fraud / forensics studies – this would be a distinct advantage.

You are working in a high performance team – with smart people. You are able to work in a global best practice work space and enjoy adding value from day one! you will be rewarded appropriately.