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Our client is an innovative life insurance company, poised for considerable growth. They offer a complete suite of life insurance products, including temporary and long-term disability, critical illness and life cover. They are proud to offer products and services that can really change people’s lives while truly caring about the difference they can make. They are committed to creating products that protect people from the risk of not being able to earn an income, no matter how severe their injury or illness. At the company, they celebrate paying claims because they see it as an opportunity to support their clients’ plans and dreams, both now and in their future. The customers and their needs are at the centre of the company’s business. They are invested in supporting them and protecting the future they are trying to build. The company strives to make cover available to everyone and ensure that they are taken care of in their time of need. They like to think of themselves as partners to their policyholders, rather than providers, and building long-lasting relationships is what they value most.

They now seek a senior risk manager (with medium term prospects of growth into the head of risk) to join their team.


  • You will be required to identify and mitigate risk activities that contribute to the overall success of the business strategy and objectives;
  • You will be responsible for responsible for risk management of the company, to include the integration of risk concepts into strategic planning, and risk identification and mitigation activities across the business;
  • You will be required to contribute toward setting the vision and strategy for the enterprise risk function, working in conjunction with all other senior leadership across the organisation;
  • You will be required to build and maintain a robust risk management framework and architecture for the organisation and manage the enterprise wide risks;
  • You will be required to assess and understand the combined risks of the business and their interrelationships;
  • You will be required to contribute to developing and quantifying risk appetite, tolerance and limits;
  • You will be required to develop plans to mitigate risks across the various operational areas and work with business units to ensure these are implemented and maintained;
  • You will be required to advise on directing capital to projects based on risk;
  • You will be required to assist functional managers in obtaining risk mitigation funding;
  • You will be required to monitor the progress of risk mitigation activities;
  • You will be required to compile, assess and report risk information to top management;
  • You will be required to create and disseminate risk measurements and reports;
  • You will be required to communicate to key stakeholders regarding the risk profile of the business;
  • You will be required to monitor policies and procedures for appropriate risk measures;
  • You will be required to monitor industry and regulatory updates, and the organisation’s policies and procedures for adhering to policies and procedures;
  • You will be required to ensure robust service provider due diligence is conducted from a risk perspective;
  • You will be responsible for proactive recommendations for risk management decisions on losses, risk exposures and risk financing techniques;
  • You will be required to promote and maintain a network of external contacts relevant to risk;
  • You will be required to embed a positive culture of confident and informed risk-taking;
  • You will be required to act as change agent within the business for the communication and implementation of risk management requirements and standards.


  • You have excellent communication (verbal and written) skills in English;
  • You have the ability to maintain strict confidentiality;
  • You are a self-starter able to work independently;
  • You have excellent presentation and project management skills;
  • You honed collaboration skills;
  • You have execution skills;
  • You are innovative;
  • You are able to lead with influence;
  • You have personal mastery skills;
  • You are a strategic thinker.


  • You are a soon to be or newly qualified actuary with a minimum of one years’ current, relevant experience at a reputable life insurer or a completed or soon to be completed CERA qualification with a minimum of one years’ current, relevant experience at a reputable Life Insurer or a completed post graduate diploma in risk management, with a minimum of one years’ current, relevant experience at a reputable life insurer or a minimum 4 years’ current, relevant experience in valuations, pricing, enterprise risk or internal audit at a reputable life insurer;
  • You have current, relevant experience as a risk manager in a FS company;
  • You have current, relevant experience in partnering with an executive team and have a high level of written and oral communication skills, as well as a strong knowledge of processes;
  • You have the ability to oversee several risk types, ideally including credit, market, operational, investment, regulatory and strategic risk and specifically liquidity, refinancing, concentration and counterparty risk;
  • You have knowledge of regulatory environment and key regulatory regimes;
  • You have leadership skills, including the ability to manage risk, compliance and control activities in a complex financial operation;
  • You have considerable knowledge and experience of best practice risk management and governance frameworks, methodologies, and emerging practice, in relation to the South African financial services context;
  • You have proven relationship with existing financial market regulators – this would be a distinct advantage;
  • You are able to deal with complexity and ambiguity and understand the bigger picture;
  • You have a strong ability to understand and quantify risk;
  • You have the ability to research and understand complex regulatory issues and laws, demonstrate the related risks brought to the organisation and collaboratively work to provide appropriate risk handling activities;
  • You have the ability to function in a deadline intensive environment, managing multiple responsibilities while effectively focusing on priority issues.

This is an entrepreneurial business -one that has happy, smiling and busy people in it – and a non-staid culture – if you are keen to have a view of the sea and add value and work with ‘not – dull’ people – please give us a ring to discuss!