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Our client is a multi-specialist investment company in 10 African countries with business partners in North America, the United Kingdom, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.  As one of the largest investment managers in South Africa, the company employs a wide range of professional and specialist investment and technical staff. Staff compliment countrywide is nearly 600. They have a diverse investment offering designed to deliver on their investment promise to their clients.

They now seek a Head of Legal to join their team. You will report to the Head of Legal Risk and Compliance.

This role is suitable for appropriately qualified affirmative action candidates.


  • You will be required to define the purpose, consider the reason for the job’s existence and the overall contribution the job makes to the organisation’s goals;
  • You will be required to ensure that the legal department is appropriately managed and perform its duties, meet its responsibilities and this will include the performance management of the staff;
  • You will be responsible for the legal area having the skills required to support the company’s strategy and tactical interventions;
  • You will be required to manage the most complex claims, litigation within the company and against other companies.
  • You will be required to ensure that all legal risks within the company, other companies may be exposed, complex transactions are identified and mitigated;
  • You will be required to provide appropriate advice, guidance within the company in respect of the foreign registered collective investment scheme portfolios are managed within the company;
  • You will be required to provide advice and guidance to the fund managers in Jersey in respect of the company’s funds limited open ended investment company registered in Jersey;
  • You will be required to draft the more complex portfolio management agreements for foreign portfolio managers that are managing the fund managers portfolios;
  • You will be required to provide advice and guidance in respect of the collective investment vehicles registered outside South Africa;
  • You will be required to set legal standards for standard forms and agreements drafted or perused by the legal department;
  • You will be required to set standards for appropriate rights and obligations that the respective company should be exposed to in transactions;
  • You will be required to ensure that the advice given to the various companies in respect of the more complex matters is appropriate, accurate and commercially relevant; The matters dealt with will generally be more complex than that dealt with by the Senior Legal Manager.
  • You will be required to identify opportunities, threats presented by the regulatory, legislative changes, developments and advise the business accordingly;
  • You will be required to ensure that the companies staff are trained in respect of new legislation where it affects the businesses;
  • You will be required to align the legal activities with all the company businesses;
  • You will be required to mitigate legal risk in all the businesses within the company;
  • You will be required to avoid reputational damage;
  • You will be required to avoid monetary loss;
  • You will be required to assist businesses in improving processes;
  • You will be required to access opportunities presented by legislative and regulatory developments.


  • You have strong management skills;
  • You have the ability to relate to the legal approach to the strategies, tactics of the various companies and to ensure the alignment therewith;
  • You have the ability to add value while also acting as a “handbrake” to the business;
  • You have strong interpersonal skills to deal with potential conflict situations;
  • You are assertive;
  • You are analytical;
  • You have insight and logical application;
  • You have excellent computer literacy skills;
  • You have strong business acumen;
  • You have excellent communication (verbal and written) skills in English.


  • You have LLB together with honours or Masters degree or H. Dip Tax;
  • You are an Admitted Attorney;
  • You have a minimum 10 years current, relevant experience;
  • You have strong knowledge of facts, data, information as well as an understanding of the rationale behind models, theories and principles;
  • You have current, relevant management experience and knowledge of the regulatory universe to which the client’s companies are exposed;
  • You have solid knowledge of the Jersey legislation applicable to the collective investment schemes;
  • You have good working knowledge of UCITS III legislation, in particular the Irish, Luxembourg versions of UCITS III and systems such as Charles River, SILICA, SAP, Workflow and Hi-Port;
  • You are familiar with the business processes, financial markets, collective investment scheme legislation, stock exchange locally and internationally;
  • You au fait with financial instruments, financial systems, both locally and internationally;
  • You have strong knowledge of the investment management, the wealth management , collective investment, retirement fund and life insurance industry;
  • You have knowledge of governance principles and processes.

Wonderful specialist role that gives you international business exposure too.