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Our client who has been established in South Africa and investing on behalf of clients since 1974 has grown to become Africa’s largest privately owned investment management company. This is a very smart company!
A role here is an opportunity of a life time. Smart, capable, invested individuals who are happy, smiling and busy on a daily basis – will form your colleagues and management team. Knowledge of investments and the institutional investments space is critical in this role. The client would prefer even operational investments and fund accounting and pricing experience over traditional BA experience. Also a flexibility and someone who can think – as they are working on a new system and need to educate the vendors. So you may have to perform manual calculations from time to time. Valuations – complex and accrual and income distribution are terms you are familiar with on a daily basis. This is more of a BUSINESS institutional operations role with knowledge of same –than a traditional BA role. We need a minimum of 5 years current, relevant experience in this exact area of institutional investment administration. More’s the better.

They now seek a Senior Business Analyst to join their team.


  • You will be part of the team responsible for the technology solutions supporting the needs of the company’s operations and investment accounting business units; The team’s responsibilities spans across multiple systems and applications, both internally and externally including system integration;
  • You will be required to solicit and understand business needs and requirements and assess how these requirements can be incorporated into our existing technology platform;
  • You will be required to recommend business solutions and interpret the business requirements into technical solution that yield maximum business benefit and efficient business process;
  • You will be required to be instrumental in ensuring the provision of long term client orientated solutions in a timely manner while ensuring consistency and scalability;
  • You will be responsible for the analysis, improvement and support of system processes and system requirements;
  • You will be required to provide insight to business problems and assist fund operations with the interpretation and understanding of key aspects within the fund operations and investment accounting sphere;
  • You will be required to have in depth knowledge of back and middle office operational functions within the asset management. Specifically unitistation, instrument valuations, calculations of fixed income accruals, corporate actions, fund accounting and business analysis experience in an IT environment;
  • You will be required to liaise with business and IT stakeholders to satisfy business need;
  • You will be required to ensure that production support is effectively and timeously addressed;
  • You will be required to identify and manage any risk introduced by changes;
  • You will be required to identify inefficiencies and champion continuous improvement, not only on the system but also giving input into process improvements;
  • You will be responsible for collaborating with system architects to define infrastructure to support reporting;
  • You will be required to liaise with the business users and developers regarding requirements for new or improved functionality;
  • You will be responsible for liaison and relationship building with external vendor to ensure vendor delivery meets business and or industry requirements;
  • You will be required to assist with prioritization of enhancements with vendor;
  • You will be required to interpret company business requirement for vendor – continuous check ins and clarification during analysis phase;
  • You will be required to manage business expectations;
  • You will be responsible for coordination with stakeholders for agreement on final design of solution;
  • You will be required to document process and system solutions;
  • You will be required to design and coordinate IT and business testing;
  • You will be responsible for presentations as required;
  • You will be responsible for planning and co-ordination of implementation phase;
  • You will be required to work as an integral part of an institutional IT scrum team;
  • You will be responsible for communication of priorities and progress of delivery;
  • You will be required to be proactively involved in understanding why production support is happening and the impact on the business area.


  • You have excellent communication (verbal and written) skills in English;
  • You have  honed interpersonal skills;
  • You are conscientious;
  • You have sound analytical and problem solving skills;
  • You have a  disciplined and methodical working style;
  • You have the ability to work in a team and to do so well and smartly;
  • You are a mentor and have keen  leadership skills;
  • You have a superb eye for detail;
  • You are determined and persistent;
  • You have the ability to plan and organize;
  • You are self-motivated.


  • B Bus Science ( IS)
  • You have a sound understanding of the institutional investments  business processes;
  • You have a  minimum 5 years’ current, relevant experience in fund operations in investments and at a senior level with a stellar track record;
  • You have a minimum 5 years’ current, relevant experience in a business analysis role in a FS environment;
  • You have current, relevant exposure to the IT delivery life cycle.

You are smart, capable and obviously good at your job. You like work and do it well. You want to work at the best company – and use all your specialist skills. You will also be someone people like and want to work for and with! Rewards on success are significant.